October 29, 2010

National Day of Action

The Intervention Rollback Action Group in Alice Springs is requesting
support for a statement demanding ‘Jobs with Justice for Aboriginal
workers’ that will be launched on October 29 with protest rallies
around the country.  (This statement is attached.)

The statement highlights the serious breaches of workers’ rights and
massive increases in unemployment that have taken place under the NT
Intervention. We are aiming to print it in ‘the Australian’ newspaper
on the day of the launch. The cost of the public notice is expected to
be around $11,000.

The closure of Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) has
been devastating, throwing proud community workers who were being paid
wages onto the dole. It has been one of the main tools used by
government to push through their current agenda of assimilation.
Without access to proper employment programs in their own communities,
the pressure builds up on Aboriginal families to move away. Similarly,
without access to the funding and workers previously provided by CDEP,
many Aboriginal organisations are suffering drastically reduced

Recent revelations of widespread starvation in Aboriginal communities
provided to an NT government child protection inquiry underscore the
complete failure of the NT Intervention to address acute social

Unless the resources that are currently being spent on discriminatory
bureaucracy can be redirected to employment opportunities and programs
based in Aboriginal communities, the well-being and living conditions
of Aboriginal people in the NT will continue to sharply deteriorate.
Please follow the links provided in the footnotes to the attached
statement, or get in contact if you require any more information about
these issues.

Pressure is mounting for change. As highlighted in this statement, the
UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has recently
issued another strong condemnation of NT Intervention. And in the
recent federal election, strong Greens candidates Barbara Shaw and
Warren H Williams outpolled both Labor and Liberal in Aboriginal
communities in Central Australia standing on a clear anti-Intervention

The call for support for the ‘Jobs with Justice’ statement came from a
major conference held in Alice Springs in July. Aboriginal community
leaders, human rights activists and union members and representatives
from across the NT and Australia all pledged support. Other early
endorsements include the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers
Union (LHMU) NT who cover many Aboriginal workers affected by the
Intervention and Aboriginal leaders such as Barbara Shaw and Larissa

This letter is requesting:-

1.      Your public endorsement of the ‘Jobs with Justice’ statement;
2.      A donation of at least $100 to help with the cost of publication.
3.      Help advancing support for the statement through potentially
supportive organisations.

Please email your endorsement to or phone
Marlene Hodder from the Intervention Rollback Action Group (Alice
Springs) on 08 89525032.

Please forward your donation to:
Intervention Rollback Action Group
PO Box 8488
Alice Springs
NT 0871

Or by direct deposit to:
Bendigo Community Bank
A/c Name: Intervention Rollback Action Gr.
BSB No: 633-000
A/c No: 134 157 049

Please send a notice to when you have made a donation.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


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